Mother's & Daughters

Mother & Daughters, come into the studio and take beautiful pictures of the both of you together. Leaving you with an unforgettable experience and photograph. Pictures like this can be cherished for years to come and are great gifts for grandparents, uncles, sisters etc. Young teens can have a professional make-up artist to give them the full experience.

Check out our independent photographers below; each specialising in their own industry unique styles.

Photo by Yann Grimm

Portraits of Children/Teens

450 CHF 2 Hours
  • Professional Photographer
  • 2x HD Photographs Retouched
  • Professional Make-Up Artist
  • 1 USB Key with all pictures in Jpg format (unedited)
  • Optional/Addons: Prints (see printing tab) extra retouches 60 CHF per picture.
  • Deposit required

Printing Charges

Per Print

Fashion Academy Photographers

Yann Grim,:

Yann Grimm is a full-time photographer that works at Emilie Fashion Academy.

What type of photography Yann shoot?

  • Portraits
  • Kids Birthdays

Checkout Yann’s full portfolio and website at: