Product & Jewellery Photography

At the studio we also do product photography for online shops, jewellers, designers and watch makers. Pictures can be simple product shots with white background images to mise en scène setup.

Check out our independent photographers below. Each specialising in their own industry unique styles.

Photo by:
Jewellery by

Product Photography

Jewellery, clothes, watches
Varies 1800 CHF Per Day
  • Professional Photographer
  • All pictures retouched
  • Digital Pictures Sent Via Email
  • Optional/Addons: Mise en scène & design purchase. Prints (see printing tab) extra retouches.
  • Cost & amount of images depends on assignment/product/customer request
  • Deposit required

Printing Charges

Per Print
  • Mat & Shiny
  • 10x15 : 3 CHF
  • 13x19 : 7. CHF
  • 15x21 : 14 CHF
  • 20x30-A4 : 30 CHF
  • Posters:
  • 30x45 : 45 CHF
  • 50x75 : 80 CHF
  • 4 Passort Pictures : 10 CHF

Fashion Academy Photographers

Kerim Knight:

Kerim Knight is a fulltime Fashion & Portrait photographer that works with Eyes Magazine and Yoga Journal on a regular basis. Since moving to Geneva he has had several exhibitions and regularly gives workshops in photography.

What type of photography Kerim shoot?

  • Portraits (Professional, Private, Family etc)
  • Fashion
  • Product (Clothes, Accessories & Jewellery)
  • Pregnancy & Body

Checkout Kerim’s full portfolio and website at

Yann Grim,:

Yann Grimm is a full-time photographer that works at Emilie Fashion Academy.

What type of photography Yann shoot?

  • Portraits
  • Kids Birthdays

Checkout Yann’s full portfolio and website at: